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Power Mig 350MP K2403-1:
ID: K2403-1
Power MIG 350MP Push Model K2403-1
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When you want the flexibility of more than just a MIG machine, the new Power MIG 350MP is the choice for you. Lincoln Chopper Technology delivers more welding processes than just MIG or flux-cored. The Power MIG 350MP also welds excellent in stick, TIG, and advanced processes such as Power ModeT and Pulse-On-PulseT. In addition, future waveforms of either special or improved welding processes can be downloaded into the machine making it expandable. This means the machine you buy today won't be obsolete tomorrow. Also with the simplicity and sophistication of synergic control no other power source in this category offers so much!

Advantage Lincoln
Push Model Includes: Power MIG 350MP, Magnum 300 Gun 15 ft. (4.5m), .035" (0.9 mm)/.045" (1.2 mm) Drive Rolls and Guide for Steel, Regulator and Hose, Work Clamp and Cable, 230V Input Cord and Plug.

Advanced Multi-Process Welding:
. Lincoln Chopper TechnologyT delivers high quality welds by increasing the control over the welding arc.
. Multi-Process capable - Welds MIG, flux-cored, stick, TIG, pulsed MIG, and advanced processes like Pulse-On-Pulse and Power Mode.
. Pulse-on-PulseT improves cleaning action when welding aluminum and delivers a TIG-like appearance to the weld beads.
. Power ModeT maintains a stable, smooth arc for short arc welding on thin material-great arc length control for aluminum welding.
. Synergic control of voltage with wire feed speed allows you to set weld procedures with only one control for simplicity.
. Push-Pull or Spool Gun Ready - The Power MIG 350MP has the electronics built-in to drive either a spool gun or push-pull gun giving you more ways to feed aluminum.

Hot New Features:
. The Power MIG 350MP features a 115V auxiliary receptacle to power a grinder or other auxiliary equipment in your work area.
. A second gas solenoid is built-in for spool gun use or TIG welding.
. Dual Procedure capable - Easily select between either two welding procedures or two welding modes.

Physical specifications
Weight:255 lbs. (116 kgs. )
Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 31.8 x 18.9 x 38.8
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 808 x 408 x 985


Lincoln 2yr. Extended Warranty Benefits

  • No out of pocket cost for repairs for the life of the extended warranty
  • Parts and labor costs are fully covered.
  • Repair worked performed by a nationwide network of Lincoln authorized repair facilities.
  • Extended warranty program backed by Lincoln Electric, not a third party.
  • Protect your investment for up to five full years.

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