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VISTA 2000 Heavy Metal Welding Helmet:
ID: K2603-4
VISTA 2000
Heavy Metal
Large view sizes, ful-featured cartridges, hot new graphics and a bag full of included accessories... that's VistaT Welding Helmets from Lincoln Electric.

Advantage Lincoln

More Visibility

. One of the industry's largest view sizes-up to 32% larger than the competition!
. Choice of three view sizes.
. Protects against harmful ultra-violet and infra- red light.

More Convenient
. No on/off switches to remember.
. Solar powered, no batteries to change, no alkaline corrosion.

More Control
. Variable Shade 9-13.
View Size ( 3- 7/8 " x 1-7/8 " )( 96mm x 48mm )
. Variable Sensitivity - TIG/Grind mode.
. Variable Delay - Great for tacking and high amperage welding.

More Features
. 4 independent arc sensors.
. Light to Dark in 1/10,000 second.
. Low 5 amp TIG threshold.